How many Calories in a Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadilla is a chicken delight made from cooked pepper and zesty succulent chicken. The amount of calories in the chicken quesadilla varies from person to person, depending on the amount and the type of ingredients and toppings used. The average dish contains shredded 0.3 cups of cheddar cheese, half cup of salsa, two skin and bone removed breasts of chicken, a cup of shredded lettuce, and flour tortillas amounting to 6 in number. A Chicken quesadilla is often served in parties and is a delightful dish containing high amount of calories. It is very high on fat and cholesterol content and that is why not considered very healthy.

Calories in a Chicken Quesadilla

The total number of calories in a chicken Quesadilla is 525. A total of 13.3 grams of fat is contained in this dish along with 50.6 grams of carbohydrates making 17% of the 2000 calories per day. The protein content in this delicious dish is 47.9 grams. It contains 4.89 grams of saturated fat which makes 24% on the 2000 calorie diet scale, 2.09 grams of poly saturated fat, and 5.234 grams of mono saturated fats. Further, this dish also consists of a high cholesterol content of 104 milligrams which makes 35% of the 2000 calorie diet chart. The sodium and potassium content in a chicken quesadilla is 1025 milligrams and 723 milligrams respectively which make 43% of the 2000 calorie per day content. The dietary fibre in this dish amounts to 3.9 grams along with 3.34 grams of sugar.

In addition to all these nutritive components, chicken quesadilla also contains 24% of Vitamin A, 11% of Vitamin C, 24% of Calcium and 26% of Iron content. The percentages components of carbohydrates, fats and proteins are 39%, 29% and 38% respectively. These flavoured quesadillas are simple, fast and healthy.