How many calories in a salad shell?

Salads are a regular part of the mid-day full course meal. Presenting them ornamentally improves and also significantly adds the aesthetic aspect to the spread. Using salad shells to house presentable salads with garnishing, adds flavor to the delicious food served to tickle the palate of the guest.

The current market for salad shells has seen considerable improvement in terms of variety and availability. Baked taco salad shells can be produced with ease, resulting to their inclusion as an effective salad dressing for all purposes.

 salad shell

Salad shells on an average have an approximate weight of 5.6oz. or 72 grams. The standard size salad shell comes with 228.3 calories. Approximately 25% of the calories come from fats which amount to 57.08 calories. It contains 0gm cholesterol. Its sodium contents are 445.2mg. Carbohydrate content is approximately about 35.9gms. It comes with a protein content of 5.8gms.Shells are generally cooked in olive oil which makes them fat-free to some extent, but is unable to remove the fat completely.

Shrimp and pasta Shell Salads with low fat tuna comes with the health disadvantages of higher fat, cholesterol and calorie values than the taco salad shells. It contains 614.9 calories. 328 calories are contributed through fats. It contains approximately 119.5mg cholesterol. These shells come with a high sodium content of 2662.9mg. Carbohydrates present in relatively high percentages compared to taco shells amounting to 47.4gm. Higher protein content of 27.5gm makes them a costly choice as salad shells. The other ingredients in terms of nutrition are small amounts arginine, aspartic acid etc.

Azteca Taco Salad Shells and Azteca Salad Tortilla Shells weigh about 5.6oz.They contain 210 units of calories, 100 coming from fat content of  11gms, no cholesterol content, carbohydrate content of 23gms, and protein content of 3gms. Other contents include sodium, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.