How Many Calories in Farm Fresh Eggs

The farm fresh eggs with orange yolks and an enriching flavor are replete with nutrients. Most people, while buying farm fresh eggs, look for eggs from pasture raised ones as grass feeds render the unique orange color to the yolks. Now you can get farm fresh eggs from various brands with varying nutrition values and calorie counts.

In the All Natural Farm Fresh Eggs Large Egg by Land O’Lakes, the usual calorie count is 70 and the calorie from fat is 40. In one egg you get 56.8g nutrition value formed by 4.5g total fat comprising of1.5g Saturated Fat and 0.0g Trans Fat. Rich in 215mg cholesterol, these farm fresh eggs have 65mg sodium and nominal amounts of carbohydrates (1.0g) and proteins (6.0g). These eggs also fulfill ones quota of vitamins A, C, calcium and iron to some extent.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Another version for the egg lovers is All Natural Farm Fresh Jumbo Egg by Land O’Lakes. With 90 calories, one jumbo egg offers 63.0g nutrition value. Calorie count from fat is 45. With 5.0g in total fat amount, saturated fat level is 2.0g. Cholesterol amount in these eggs is 270mg with 80mg sodium, 1.0g Carbohydrates and 8.0g protein. The other nutrients comprise of 8% vitamin A, 4% calcium and 6% iron.

Farm fresh eggs by England’s Best comprise of grade ‘A’ natural large 50g egg comes with calorie count of 70 in which 36 calorie comes from fat. Total amount of fat is 4.0g where Saturated Fat is 1.0g, Polyunsaturated Fat is 0.0g and Monounsaturated Fat is 0.0g. The cholesterol level being 175mg, these eggs have sodium content of 65mg. These eggs have an equal amount of carbohydrate and dietary fiber and sugars at 0.0g. Protein level being 6.0g is supplemented by 6% vitamin A, 2% calcium and 4% iron.