How many calories in a Reuben

Reuben sandwich is mainly a hot sandwich with a center composed of corned beef coated with cheese. Rye bread is used to cover them and act as bread for the grilled ingredients mentioned above. There are several ways to make the Reuben sandwich, resulting in numerous variants of the same.

The Reuben sandwich contains 464 calories, out of which 259.1 calories are contributed by fats. It contains a mixture of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Cholesterol levels of 82.1mg are recorded in the average Reuben sandwich. Moreover, Sodium contents of 1348.5mg, potassium content of 261.1mg, carbohydrate content of 29.6g in form of dietary fiber and protein content of 21.4g characterize the average Reuben sandwich. Some of the common vitamins and minerals present in the recipe are Vitamin A, D, B6, C, E, and B12, in addition to Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Selenium.


Two slices of rye bread consist almost eighty calories per bread which makes it all together 160 units of calorie intake per sandwich. Sauerkraut includes 25 units of calories. Thousand Island dressing comes with additional 55 units of calories per table spoon and the amount of calories inclusion depends upon the usage of Thousand Island dressing.  One thick slice of Swiss cheese adds 80 units of calories to the Reuben Sandwich. Corned beef includes another 80 calories per ounce to the sandwich, applying 3 ounces makes that all together 240 unit of calories. Including all the available dressings in their maximum amount a standard Reuben sandwich holds 745 units of calorie in it.

It is extremely palatable and appeals to every food-relishing individual. A single Reuben sandwich can be considered as a complete breakfast for an average individual. Coupling the dressing options with lettuce and vegetables makes the Reuben sandwich a healthy supplement for a traditional breakfast.