How Many Calories in a Parsnip Soup

The parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) is a root type vegetable, somewhat relevant to the carrot. It is a biennial place usually expanded as yearly products. Its lengthy tuberous main has cream-colored epidermis and epidermis can remain inside the soil. As it grows older, it becomes more gratifying in taste. It generates its blooming control, led by an umbel of little yellow-colored blossoms, in its second increasing year. Now let us take some important points regarding caloric importance of the soup made from Parsnip.

Calories in a Parsnip Soup

Normally 250 gram of Parsnip is capable to generate more than 133 calorie of energy in your body. A huge amount of fat is there in the parsnip. More than 5% of calories are coming from the presence of 8 gram of fat. This is a natural root that product abundance of natural minerals and different kind of vitamins, so the amount of carbohydrate is large enough by volume. A huge amount of calorie comes from the carbohydrate content. 3 gram of dietary fiber can be attained from 250 grams of parsnip. The dietary fiber is very much helpful for the excretory system of the body. It consists of more than 80% of water, 5% of sugar, 1% protein.

133 grams of raw parsnips (1 cup sliced) can give around 100 calories, where the fat content is 0.4 grams. 23.9 g is the carbohydrate amount and 13 g sodium is present in this quantity of raw parsnips.

The entire part of the parsnip can be consumed as boiled, cooked in different recipes. Sometimes, other kind of vegetables and animal flesh are mixed to make it tastier and healthy and attractive. The consumption of parsnips have great potential benefits and it plays a very important role in good and efficient body functioning. This is used as the key ingredient in various types of anti-cancer drug, anti-oxidants and falcarindiol.