How Many Calories in a Hard Boiled Egg

A hard boiled egg which is known to be one of the healthiest forms of egg contains approximately 70 calories. The calorie content in an egg varies based on the egg type, size as well as the way it is cooked. For instance a medium sized whole raw egg contains 108 calories, a medium sized fried egg contains 105 calories, an average sized scrambled egg contains 100 calories whereas a poached egg has 74 calories. The calorie content in egg yolk and egg white also differs while 14 grams of raw egg yolk contains 48 calories on the other hand a 14 grams of egg white has 41 calories.

Apart from the mentioned calorie content an average hard boiled egg also has a fat content of five grams out of which two grams are saturated fats. Eggs are also rich in protein and a moderate content of vitamins and minerals gives them a great nutritional value.

Hard Boiled Egg Calories

The white portion in an egg is full of proteins which help in creating a good immune system and also strengthens the muscles and tissues whereas the yellow portion that is the egg yolk contains vitamins A, D, E and K which help in improving the vision, strengthening the bones and also the immunity.

Though hard boiled eggs contain comparatively high cholesterol content, however they are not harmful if consumed moderately. Most people prefer having them for breakfast and a research shows that consuming up to seven eggs a week does not have much impact on the cholesterol level.

There are a number of hard boiled egg preparations that you may opt for. Most of the hard boiled egg forms are easy to cook and prove to be a great energy snack. What is even better is that you may cook hard boiled eggs in bulk and store them in refrigerator for days.