How many calories to lose weight?

In today’s day and age, weight loss programs are rapidly gaining popularity due to the high obesity rate. Most diets concentrate on the amount of calories consumed everyday. This is mostly dependent on the weight of the individual and the amount of weight that is required to be shed. The individual dieter will, thus, need to keep a strict track on the types of food that is being eaten as well as the recommended physical exercise. There are various online calorie counters and body mass index calculators which can be used in order to know the exact amount of calories that need to be consumed.

  • One of the popular calorie calculators use the Harris Benedict formula that is used for determining the basal and active metabolic rate. This provides the required amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates that must be consumed to ensure the appropriate calorie intake.
  • Most calorie counters need basic information such as weight, height and age. This needs to be measured accurately so that the correct calorie value is provided.
  • It is generally recommended that in order to lose weight, the calorie intake must be reduced to about 500 calories everyday. It should be kept in mind that the minimum calorie intake for all adults should not be lower than 1200 kcal daily.