Tips For Healthy Eating While You Are Travelling

Usually when you are travelling, the most neglected part is your meal. The only options you are left with are fast foods, packed foods, or microwave ready food packs. Immediately available items like chips, sodas, fried foods; and many more unhealthy and junk alternatives come as your choice when you feel hungry. However, this article will give you some easy tips to select healthy eating while you are travelling.

healthy eating tips

Healthy Breakfast Options – Having breakfast in a hotel does not mean you need to choose fried and unhealthy fare; call out for omelette stuffed with veggies, whole wheat toast, a bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit toppings, bran muffin, yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, or fruit juices. Just try to avoid excess sugary or starchy food; and also items with high carbohydrate as they can make you feel sleepy. If you don’t get hotels on your way, buy some protein bars that serve as good breakfast option; they stay fresh for a longer time and also offer you all the necessary nutrients. If you prefer milk, then go for low fat ones.

Stay Hydrated – Sweating and getting fatigue while travelling is a common symptom of travellers. Drink plenty of water whenever possible making sure that the water is packaged and not from any dirty or polluted drinking station. Fruit juices, lemonades and lightly flavoured syrups are also good choices to keep yourself hydrated. Coconut water and other raw fruit juices sold at road stalls are advisable only if they follow hygiene rules.

Easy but Healthy Luncheon – The best choice is to order for salad or soup as the main course. You can skip over the entree completely unless you’re extremely hungry. While selecting menu, check out dishes that are prepared in a healthy way and has low fat like broiled, baked or raw ones. Go for veggie options as non vegetarian courses usually do not give the guarantee of freshness. For desert, choose fruity preparation.

Fulfilling Snacks Options – This is probably the most difficult part where you tend to go unhealthy in every possible way. However, if you go for green tea and a handful of cashews, almonds, and walnuts then the health factor stays just intact! These nuts contain polyunsaturated fats and can be taken easily while you are on a trip. Too much coffee is not advisable as it will again get you closer to the sleepy zone!

Brief Dining while Travelling – Dinner is always not essential while travelling if you have taken heavy snacks. However, here again go for healthy options like chicken soup, lean meats, whole grain breads, vegetable preparations, or Chinese cuisine (healthy and fulfilling). It’s better not to super size your meal, especially if you need to wake up early morning! Prefer grilled chicken over fried chicken.

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