How Many Calories in a Pound of Fat

One Pound of Fat is equivalent to around 3500 calories. This means if a person consumes 350 calories a day he would put on one extra pound in every 10 days. Or if a person consumes 175 calories per day he would gain one pound extra after every 20 days. Consuming as less as 175 calories a day may even work the other way round, that means if one eats such less amount of calories a day he might end up losing weight after 20 days. He might lose a pound after every twenty days as a result of this. Weight loss may also happen if the intake per day is 350 calories but the person is burning 175 or 200 calories each day by way of exercise and other activities.

It is essential to keep a check on ones weight if you are trying to maintain it. In case a person has started gaining 1 pound of weight every 10 days then it means his/ her intake is 350 calories extra per day. In such a case one must make changes in the diet plan he/ she is following. In case such a scenario occurs in children it is suggested to speak to their paediatrician before making any changes in the diet plan.

If you are actually aiming at losing weight then consuming lesser calories can help you in the process. For this, it is important to learn as to what all can be avoided to help losing those extra kilos. It is always better to start with smaller things than to make major changes in the diet plan suddenly for instance, you may start using toned or double toned milk in place of whole milk, you should avoid having soft drinks, chips and flavoured coffees. These small changes can help you reduce quite a bit of your weight.