How many calories in an Egg?

Eggs are generally a popular food choice for various cultures. The reason for this universal likeability is due to the fact that eggs can be prepared in various ways. The consumption of egg is always preferable due to its high nutrition value. Eggs are stated to contain vitamins A, B6, E, B12, and D and therefore are a great source for amino acids, calcium, iron and zinc. However, the big question remains as to how many calories are in an egg. This is mainly dependent on the way the egg is cooked as well as the size and shape of the egg.

Egg Calories

  • The biggest eggs which weigh between 60 to 65 grams contain 96 calories whereas the smallest sized egg weighing 35 to 37 grams contain 54 calories.
  • The calories are also dependent on the egg source and the way in which it has been processed .Both organic and processed eggs have similar calorie content although the food value for the former is higher.
  • Calories are also dependent on the way in which the egg is prepared and the size of its serving. For example, one large egg which is fried contains 90 calories whereas a white hard boiled egg contains only 17 calories.