How many calories in an Orange?

It is a well-known fact that oranges are very high in Vitamin C. Orangesare high in nutrient value and are generally recommended for maintaining good health. This fruit is very low on calorie content and contain no cholesterol or saturated fat which makes it an ideal food choice for those on calorie counting diets. Oranges also contain effective natural antioxidants which help in fighting off any internal infections and builds stronger immunity. The benefits of oranges do not just end here; it is also known to improve visions and is high in dietary fiber which helps protect the mucous membrane. The calories in oranges are mostly dependent on the size and its variety.

Orange Calories

  • One large sized orange of about 8 cm diameter and 184 gram weight will contain 86 kcal whereas a medium sized orange of 6.5 cm diameter and 131 gram will contain approximately 62 kcal.
  • Even a small orange serving of 96 gram weight will contain sufficient calories of around 45 kcal.
  • The calorie content is also dependent on the type of orange; as for example, an average sized tangerine contains 37 kcal, a mandarin contains 32 kcal and a small Jaffa orange contains 25 kcal.