How many calories do I burn in a day?

The number of calories we burn in a day is dependent on our Basal Metabolic Rate [BMR], our physical activity, and our food intake. Out of these three factors, the last two are more easily controlled by us than the first one since the BMR depends on a lot of factors like age, sex, constitution, health and so on.

  • The first step to knowing how many calories I burn in a day is to calculate the BMR which is roughly our body weight in pounds, multiplied by ten. This number is not fixed and depends on a number of factors as mentioned above. 50 to 60% of the calories burned by us in one day are through the working of the body, or the BMR.
  • This should be followed by an estimate of our food intake. Normally a woman needs 1940 kcals of energy or calories per day, and a man needs 2550. Different food stuffs contain differing levels of energy; hence a person’s diet must be tabled in a chart and the total calories consumed by him should be calculated.
  • This must be followed by an estimate of the physical exercise done by the individual. Exercise also includes regular activities like walking or climbing stairs. 40 percent of the energy we burn is due to this.