5 Benefits of Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is a popular diet course or program which is known for its many benefits and health advantages. This is basically a low carbohydrate diet which is generally taken up by those who are interested in losing weight.  The diet involves very little consumption of carbs so that the body’s metabolism changes to metabolizing stored fat of the body to energy rather than converting glucose to energy. This kind of diet has several amazing health benefits and the 5 of the most important benefits are given below:

Benefits of Atkins Diet

1.Weight loss

Undoubtedly, weight loss is the number 1 benefit of the Atkin’s diet and is infact the main purpose of following this diet for most of the people. By restricting the intake of Carbohydrates, you can not only burn more fat but also control your weight.

2. Weight Maintenance

Another amazing benefit of incorporating the Atkins diet is weight maintenance. Those who have reached the desired weight figure and wish to maintain this weight and not gain any further weight, for them too Atkin’s diet is a great program.  Atkins diet helps people determine the carbohydrate intake level at which he/she neither gains weight nor loses any.  This helps to figure out how many carbohydrate intake is permissible.

3. Maintenance of Good Health

Another benefit of following Atkins diet program is that it promotes good health.  Those of you who follow this diet are encouraged to eat a nutritious diet and this helps in consuming adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.

4.  Prevention of Diseases

Among the many benefits of Atkins diet, another important one is that following this diet program can lead to prevention of several types of diseases.  This happens because lowering down of carbohydrate in turn helps in lowering down of insulin levels, which helps in the prevention of diabetes.

5. Enables eating of protein rich foods

Another very important health benefit of following Atkins diet is that it promotes dieters to eat more of protein rich diet and also incorporate more of fatty foods in their meals or diet. Thus one can enjoy the advantages of fats and proteins more by going on the Atkins Diet.

Apart from advantages, Atkins Diet program has certain disadvantages too, which one must know about before opting for the diet program. The disadvantages may be lesser for some and more for a few and thus one must consult a dietician before following this diet plan.

Photo Credit By: hetucy.com