How Many Calories in Noodles

Noodles are a delicious snack; well liked by many because of their taste. However, different kinds of noodles come with a number of calories. Noodles can be prepared in various ways and the calorie content of each of these types differs from the other. The calorie content in noodles varies based on the kind of oil these are cooked in and the amount and kind of spices, sausages and other ingredients added to these.

Noodles Calories

One cup of cooked whole wheat noodles contains around 192.7 calories out of which 19.7 calories come from fats. The total fat content in an equal quantity of wheat noodles is 2.2 grams of which saturated fat content is 0.55 grams, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat content is 0.58 grams each. Consuming noodles also impacts the cholesterol; the amount of cholesterol in one cup of whole wheat is 51.5 mg. The potassium and sodium content in an equal serving of noodles is 77.5 mg and 252.9 mg respectively. The carbohydrate content is 37.6 grams, dietary fiber is 6.3 grams and protein content is 8.5 grams in an equal quantity of cooked whole wheat noodles.

Apart from this there are various other kinds of noodles. 100 grams of Chinese cellophane dehydrated noodles contain 351 calories, an equal quantity of dry egg enriched noodles contains 381 calories and 100 grams of dry egg spinach enriched noodles contain around 382 calories.

Noodles can be cooked with different vegetables. These vegetables are added to enhance their taste and add nutrition to this food item. The calorie content in noodles prepared with vegetables differs based on the vegetables added to these. One serving of stir fried noodles cooked with mushrooms, carrots, capsicum, broccoli and bock choy contains approximately 180 calories. Adding different sausages to the noodles increases the calorie content further by 20-25 calories or even more based on the quantity and kind of sausages added.