How Many Calories for Lunch

More and more people these days are becoming health conscious and switching to nutritional and healthier diet plans. Most of the people consult dieticians and nutritionists to get a diet plan and spend a lot of money on getting this prepared. It is good to be aware about the kind of diet plan you should follow however you don’t have to spend so many bucks to get this information; read on to find out as to how many calories are required to be taken to stay fit. This article focuses on the calorie intake for lunch.

There is no fixed amount of calories that a person should consume during the day. The number of calories to be consumed varies depending upon a person’s weight, height, age, gender and also the kind of activities he is involved during the day. Most dieticians suggest that a person having a weight of around 165 Ibs requires 2,550 calories in order to stay fit and to run all his body functions smoothly. If in case a person having the same weight is planning to shed some Ibs then he should have 2,050 calories per day. Consuming 2,050 calories a day would help him lose 1 Ib in a week.

Now it is important to understand that this calorie content should be spread over the three meals that you consume in a day. Appropriate distribution of calories for each meal is very essential. In case you are taking short meals and have 5 meals a day then you need to spread the calories over these 5 meals. For lunch it is suggested to consume around 350-400 calories. This amount of calorie intake is suggested for people weighing around 165 Ibs and not a defined amount for everyone. The calorie intake during the lunch would also differ based on the various factors mentioned above.