How Many Calories for Each Meal

The amount of calories to be consumed in each meal differs from person to person. There is no fixed amount that would benefit every person alike. It is based on a person’s height, weight, gender, age and most importantly on the kind of activities that the person indulges in during the day. It also depends on what a person is aiming at, whether he is aiming at gaining weight, losing it or maintaining it.

It is essential to figure out as to how many calories are required by your body as per your lifestyle. You must keep a check on the calories being consumed in each meal accordingly. It is said that the most important meal is the breakfast and one must have food that is full of energy in this meal so as to stay active and energized throughout the day. It is recommended to take around 350-500 calories in the breakfast.

As per a study a total of 2000 calories should be consumed in a day and these calories should be spread over 3 meals. Now, it is very important to know as to how many calories should be taken in each meal in order to follow a healthy diet routine to maintain weight. In case you are trying to lose weight it is recommended to decrease your calorie intake by 10 to 30 percent which would mean consuming 300 calories for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 500 calories at the dinner time. However, this quantity may differ from person to person based on the various factors mentioned above.

It is very essential to choose the right food to control the calorie intake. One must know as to which food has more calories and which ones have lesser amount and also which ones should be taken to start the day and which ones at the dinner time. A balanced diet is very important in each meal and therefore, though the key focus may be the calorie content one must also consider the amount of other micronutrients present in the food.