How Many Calories are in Lady Finger

The calorie content in Lady Finger, which is known for its low calorie count, differs based on its method of preparation as well as the quantity. 100 grams of Lady Finger have 365 calories, 1 oz of lady finger contains 103.5 calories and half a cup of cooked lady finger contains 25 calories. An equal quantity (that is half a cup) of lady finger has 460 IU of Vitamin A, 13 mg Vitamin C, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 1.5 grams of protein, 5.8 grams of carbohydrates, 36.5 micrograms Folic acid, 0.4 grams of Iron, 50 mg Calcium, 46 mg of Magnesium and 256 mg of Potassium. In order to preserve the nutrients in lady finger it is recommended to cook it on low heat. The more you cook this vegetable, the more nutrients it is likely to loose.

Lady Finger Calories

Since it has a low calorie count, people who are planning to lose weight are suggested to consume add this as a part of their diet. Lady finger is considered a great food option also because it decreases the risk of various ailments and diseases including certain severe problems such as cancer, heart disease, bone loss, stroke, kidney stone and diabetes.

There are various varieties of lady finger and the calorie count and other nutritional value in each of these is quite similar. Lady finger does not contain any cholesterol, fat and sodium content. The sugar content in this vegetable is also almost negligible. This makes it a healthy food option especially, as mentioned above, for those who are considering a diet plan. Okra is mostly steamed or fried and cooked as a vegetable to be consumed with chapattis or other food items. It is seldom used as a part of any other dish. The calorie content in steamed ladyfinger and fried one differs to some extent.