How Many Calories in Yogurt

Yogurt is considered really good for health especially because of the fact that it is a milk product and thus a rich course of calcium. There are many such people who cannot have their meals without yogurt. The concept of sweetened yogurt or frozen yogurt too has picked up pace from the last few years. But do you know the number of calories that are there is all these different forms of yogurt? If not and you are interested in finding out, then you can refer to the following given information about yogurt, the number of calories in it and its health benefits.

Yoplait light yogurt is a non fat yogurt which is popular amongst those who do not wish to gain weight by consuming yogurt. In 1 pot which is 170 grams of this yogurt, there are about 100 calories and is quite nutrient rich since it has got a nutritional grade A-. This particular yogurt is saturated fat free, low in cholesterol, high in calcium, high in phosphorus and even high in vitamin A content. The only negative point about Yoplait light yogurt is that it is very high in sugar content.

Calories in Yogurt

DANONE is one of the most popular brands to produce a lot of different varieties of yogurt. One such yogurt produced by this brand is the light n fit Nonfat Vanilla flavored yogurt. This yogurt has got 80 calories in 6 oz which is about 170 g. the nutritional grade given to this yogurt is A. The negative part about this type of yogurt is that it too is high on the sugar quantity.

Astro all natural fat free yogurt has got 70 calories in serving of 100 grams. Out of this count, 5% comes from total carbohydrates and 3% comes from sodium content. There is 15% calcium in this yogurt.