How Many Calories in Roasted Almonds

Roasted almonds are one of the most loved snack items that are tasty and nutritious as well. Roasted almonds are so popular that they are manufactured by many different companies and brands. Infact sweetened roasted almonds have also gained popularity in the last couple of years. But depending upon the exact nature of roasted almonds, there is a difference in the amount of calories. The health benefits of these roasted almonds may also differ depending upon their preparation. If you are interested in finding more about the same, then you can refer to the following given points:

Wendy’s roasted almonds are loved by many for their taste and roasted nature. These roasted almonds have been given a nutritional grade C+ and 1 packet of Wendy’s roasted almonds contain about 130 calories. 17% of these calories come from total fats, 5% come from saturated fats, 3% come from sodium, 1% come from total carbohydrates and 8% come from dietary fiber. The good points about Wendy’s roasted almonds is that they are low on sugar and low on sodium content as well.

calories in Roasted Almonds

Wal-mart also manufactures sea salt roasted almonds which are called emerald harmony. 1 serving which is about 28g of these roasted almonds contain 170 calories. In terms of nutritional value, these almonds have been given a B- grade. Out of the 170 calories, about 23% is contributed by total fats, 5 % by saturated fats, 4% by sodium, 2% by carbohydrates, and 12% from dietary fiber. These roasted almonds are low in sugar content and this is a good thing about them.

Blue diamond is known to manufacture Honey roasted almonds that are honey coated and are extremely sweet in taste.28 such roasted almonds contain about 160 calories and have no cholesterol, low sodium and high quantity of Vitamin E.