How Many Calories in Pepperoni Bread

Pepperoni bread is a special type of bread which is prepared with the main ingredient in it being pepperoni. There are many different ways of preparing the bread and a number of different dishes that can be prepared with the pepperoni bread. One can prepare a pepperoni bread sandwich or a pepperoni bread pizza, but, all these contain varied calories and nutritional values which must be considered before consumption.

How Many Calories in Pepperoni Bread

The pepperoni and cheese bread available at the Walmart is given an overall D- grade and the total amount of calories it contains is 170 calories. A single slice (i.e. 61g) of this bread has 6.0g of fat which makes for 54 calories and 3.5g of this is saturate fat. The total cholesterol in the serving is 15mg and the sodium is 370mg; also the carbohydrates contained are 21.0 g of which 1.0 g is dietary fibers and sugars each. The total amount of protein contained in one serving is about 8.0 g.

The pepperoni French bread pizza manufactured by the Healthy Choice contains total of 350 calories per 168g (or per 6 oz) and is given a B- grade. The total calories are divided between 7% calories (i.e. 41 calories) from fat, total fat being 4.5g and saturated fat being 1.5g. The cholesterol, sodium and protein levels in the serving are 10mg, 600mg and 22.0 g respectively.

The carbohydrates are said to be about 54.0 g with the dietary fibers and sugars taking 5.0 g of it, each. This implies the positives are the low cholesterol and saturated fat content. The bread also contains vitamins A (10%) and C (15%), iron (20%), and calcium (30%).

Stouffers’ also manufactures a pepperoni French bread pizza which contains 410 calories in total, 180 calories from the 20.g of fat content (7.0g being saturated fat). The per serving (i.e. 158g) of the pizza has 25mg cholesterol, 810mg sodium, 15.0 g proteins and 43.0g carbohydrates. One positive point about this item is that it is low in the amount of cholesterol content.