How many Calories in Vegetable Noodles

Vegetable noodles are delicious in taste and are served as a cuisine at many parties. As far as cooking these vegetable noodles is concerned, it is a very easy to cook this dish and it also takes a very less time. The noodles can be made with vegetables like capsicum, cabbage and carrot. To taste, a person can add further ingredients as well. Ajinomoto is a special ingredient of this dish.

This Chinese dish has gained popularity all over the globe and various companies have started manufacturing noodles which can be boiled and cooked. Various other forms of cooked noodles such as Hakka noodles, Singapore noodles, and many more have come up. These noodles contain roughly 80 calories and thus the noodles are good to be taken on various occasions. Further with the ingredients added to the dish, the additional 40 calories can be received from satay and 15 calories are added by the soy used in the noodles. Properly cooked noodles may contain about 100 calories.


Going into the further details of the calories that the noodles have, 180 grams of noodles contain 22% fat, 40% sodium, 15% carbohydrate and 0% cholesterol and potassium. 16% proteins are also present in the noodles. This makes it a good diet. With no cholesterol, the dish is suitable for a lot many people all over the globe and therefore the product is also available at various international spots like airports.

Further, with more ingredients added, the product becomes healthier and thus selective ingredients can be added to make it a very nutritious meal. The product’s recipe can be downloaded from the internet. Almost all the restaurants have the noodles available and this makes it a very convenient option to be consumed at any party. Low fat is another benefit that a person may get by this dish.