How Many Calories in Chicken Pastry

Chicken pastry is one of the most relished and loved type of a pastry and is especially enjoyed by those who love to eat chicken. Chicken pastry is made and manufactured by a lot of companies. The number of calories in chicken pastry may differ depending upon the company which is making it and also on the method of preparation. If you wish to find out about the number of calories in chicken pastry or about its health benefits then please read the following part of the article:

Calories in Chicken Pastry

Omaha steaks is a famous company which is known to sell tasty and yummy chicken pastry.1 piece of such a chicken pastry which weighs 227 grams contains about 550 calories. Out of these 550 calories, 46% comes from total fats, 40% comes from saturated fats, 15% comes from cholesterol, 35% comes from sodium, 16% comes from total carbohydrates and 16% comes from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to Omaha steaks chicken pastry is D+. One of the negative points associated with these chicken pastries is that they have high amount of sugar.

Pillsbury is another company that makes flaky buffalo style chicken pastry bites. 4 pastry bites that weigh around 80 grams contain about 220 calories. The nutrition grade given to this pastry is D. Out of the 220 calories, 20% come from total fat, 30% come from saturated fat, 7% come from cholesterol, 25% come from sodium and 7% come from total carbohydrates. Some of the negative points that are associated with Pillsbury flaky buffalo style chicken pastry bites are that they have a lot of saturated fat content in them and are also very high on the sodium quantity. But some good points are that there is sufficient amount of iron in them and the vitamin A amount is also good enough.