How Many calories in Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake is a cake which has got the flavor of vanilla and is one of the most easily available cakes. Vanilla cake is loved by many people and is sold by a lot of pastry shops etc. infact vanilla cake can also be prepared at home very easily. If you are wondering how many calories are present in vanilla cake then there is no definite answer to it because each vanilla cake may have different amount of calories. The following given part of the article will help you gain a little more information about vanilla cake:

calories in Vanilla Cake

Sara Lee Bakery group is a very popular name in the bakery world and is known for making many delicious cakes and pastries. One flavor that this company specializes in is the vanilla flavored cake. 1/8 cake weighing 80 grams contains 250 calories out of which 22% come from total fat, 50% come from saturated fat, 8% comes from cholesterol, 6% comes from sodium and 10% is contributed by carbohydrates. As far as the nutritional value of this cake is concerned, it has been tagged at D- nutrition grade. Some negative points about Sara Lee Bakery group vanilla cake are that it has a lot of sugar present in it and even the content of saturated fat is huge.

Orgran is a popular vanilla cake making company which makes it gluten free. 2 oz which is 57 grams of Orgran vanilla cake free of gluten contains 126 calories. Out of these calories, 2% comes from total fat, 8% is present as a result of sodium and 9% comes from total carbohydrates. The nutrition grade given to this cake is D+. The good points about this cake are that it has no cholesterol and saturated fat. The only bad thing about Orgran vanilla cake is that sugar content is very high.