How Many Calories in Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are a Mexican chip variety that have become very popular all across the world and are manufactured by a lot of companies these days. Tortilla chips are generally enjoyed with salsa dip or sauce and make for a great snack dish. Do you know how tortilla chips are made and how many calories they contain? The amount of calories in tortilla chips vary depending upon the way they are prepared and the ingredients that they contain. If you are interested in knowing more about tortilla chips then you can refer to the following given part of the article:

Calories in Tortilla Chips

Trader Joe’s is a popular brand that is known to produce tortilla chips. Infact this company also makes whole grain tortilla chips that are very tasty. 1 oz of these chips contains 140 calories and in terms of the nutritional count, they have been given B grade. Out of the 140 calories present in tortilla chips, 11% come from total fat, 3% come from saturated fat, 3% come from sodium, 6% come from carbohydrates and 12% come from dietary fiber. The fact that these chips are low on saturated fat and have no cholesterol makes them quite healthy to eat.

Doritos is another company that is known to make yummy corn and tortilla chips. These tortilla chips come in a sealed pack and 13 chips which are about 28 grams have got 140 calories. If the nutritional value of these chips is considered, a grade of C- is given to 28 grams of corn and tortilla chips. These chips contain absolutely no sugar content and also no cholesterol and these are the two good points associated with Doritos corn and tortilla chips. These chips have about 11% total fat, 5% saturated fat, 5% sodium, 6% carbohydrates and 4% dietary fiber.