How Many Calories in a Cookie

Have you ever wondered about the number of calories that are present in the cookies you so love to eat? If not, then maybe it is time to think about it now. There are many different types and kinds of cookies available in the market and even more types can be made at home. Cookies are made up of different ingredients and depending upon the ingredients used, each cookie has different amount of calories. But at the same time, some of them may have heath benefits as well. If you wish to find out more about the number of calories in a cookie, then the following give article is perfect for you:

Calories in a Cookie

Subway is a very famous fast food eating joint that makes yummy chocolate chip cookies. One serving which is about 45 grams of these delicious cookies contain 220 calories and in terms of the nutritional value, they have been tagged with D+ grade which is mainly because of the fact that they have high saturated fat and very high sugar content as well.

Cookies can also be made from margarine and a 1 such chocolate chip cookie contains about 78 calories. Out of these calories, 7% is due to the presence of total fat, 6% is due to the presence of saturated fat, 2% is due to the presence of cholesterol, 2% is due to the presence of sodium, 3% comes from carbohydrates and 2% comes from dietary fiber as well. Since they have low cholesterol and no sugar, they can be considered good.

The chocolate chip cookies that are prepared from butter also taste good and 1 cookie contains about 78 calories. Any such cookie is given C- grade as far as its nutrition value and level is concerned.  The good point about these cookies is that they have no sugar.