How Many Calories in Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are best known for dressing up a wide number of recipes and dishes. Coriander leaves give food a good flavor and also make them look presentable. But except for this, are there any other benefits of easting coriander leaves? Do you know how many calories are there in them or if they have any harmful effects? Read the following given information to find the answer to these questions and more.

Calories in Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are generally consumed in the raw form. Raw coriander leaves are added to many dishes either during the time of preparation or at later stage during the dressing and decoration of the dish. ΒΌ cup of coriander leaves which weigh 4 grams contains only 1 calorie and has been given a nutritional grade A. they contain vitamin A and vitamin C except for dietary fiber. There are no real harmful effects of consuming coriander leaves but there are many benefits such as they have no cholesterol, no sodium, no saturated fat, high magnesium, high phosphorus, high potassium and a lot of iron as well. The other good points about eating coriander leaves are high vitamin B6, high content of zinc, high calcium, high riboflavin and high quantity of thiamin.

Coriander leaves can be also eaten in the form of pickle. MTR is one brand that manufactures coriander leaves pickle. 1 tablespoon of this pickle contains about 20 calories but the nutritional grade given to it is still A, like in the case of raw coriander leaves. The percentage of sodium in this calorie count is 30% whereas that of dietary fiber is 4%. The only negative thing about such a pickle is the high content of sodium but the good points include high iron, high vitamin A, high vitamin C, no sugar, no cholesterol and no saturated fat.