How Many Calories in Cottage Cheese

We often hear people telling us or advising us to eat a good quantity of cottage cheese because of its nutritional value. Cottage cheese can be eaten in a lot of forms and can also be consumed uncooked. Infact it is a great item to use in the kitchen because it can be included in a lot of recipes. But how many calories does cottage cheese really have? To find out the answer to this question, you can refer to the following given details and information:

Trader’s Joe prepares fat free cottage cheese which is a favourite amongst those who love cottage cheese but not the fat that it comes along with. ½ cup of Trader’s Joe cottage cheese contains 80 calories out of which 16% comes from sodium and 1% from carbohydrates.  This form of fat free cottage cheese contains 1% of calcium.

Calories in Cottage Cheese

Hood too makes low fat dairy products such as cottage cheese. This particular type of cottage cheese contains 90 calories for ½ a cup that is about 113.3 grams in weight. The nutritional grade given to this low fat cottage cheese is C- and the fact that it has high amount of calcium works greatly for it. But the negative thing about Hood’s low fat cottage cheese is that it is also high on the sugar content.

Friendship diaries California style cottage cheese has been allotted B grade as far as the nutritional value goes and ½ cup which is about 114 grams contains 110 calories in total. The 110 calories are comprised of 8% total fat, 15% saturated fat, 7% cholesterol, 16% sodium and 1% total carbohydrates. This cottage cheese has a few negative points associated with it such as the fact that it is high both on the sodium and saturated fat content.