How Many Calories in Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cake is a cake which has been made by suing strawberries and has a strong strawberry flavor in it. Strawberry cakes are made and sold by many sweet shops, cake shops and bakeries across the world and can also be made at home very easily. The number of calories in a strawberry cake may depend upon its size, method of preparation used and the quantity of the ingredients used. If you are someone who is inquisitive about a strawberry cake then the following given information will prove to be very useful:

calories in strawberry cake

Little Debbie is a company which prepares really tasty cakes and pastries. Strawberry cake is one of the specialty item made by Little Debbie. 1 strawberry cake with buttercream flavored icing made by this company weighs around 27 grams and contains 100 calories. The 100 calories are present as a result of presence of 5% total fat, 5% saturated fat, 2% cholesterol, 4% sodium and 6% dietary fiber. The nutrition grade which this cakes gets is D. the fact that Little Debbie’s strawberry cake contains very little cholesterol makes it quite a desirable item but presence of large quantity of sugar may be the spoiler.

Hostess is another company known to prepare some delicious cakes. This company makes yummy strawberry cup cakes as well. 53 grams of strawberry cup cake made by this company is made up of 170 calories of which 2% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 12% is present as a result of dietary fiber and 10% comes from sodium. Since there is no cholesterol in this particular variety of strawberry cake, it can be considered good to eat. The fact that large amount of sugar is used to make it may seem like a negative point. The nutrition grade given to Hostess strawberry cup cake is C-.