How Many Calories in Grilled Corn

Hot and spicy grilled corn on the cob would be the favorite for all during winters and rains. Grilled corn is the most delicious dish and it is very easy to prepare. Without adding any oil a very tasty corn dish shall be made within minutes. Fresh corn on the cob shall be grilled and the complete nutrients in it shall be obtained. Grilled corn could make any occasion special and this simple dish would remain in the tongues of everyone. Grilled corns are the popular item is any barbecue menus.

One full normal sized grilled corn contains about 97 calories. When the corn is grilled without adding oil, it is completely free from fat. There is a little saturated fat in the corn but it does not add calories to this dish. This contains 0% cholesterol and so this is very good for our health. This has a lithe carbohydrate and fiber content. Grilled corn contains 6% of protein. Grilled corn shall be served by adding little spices and lemon. Natural herbs shall also be added before grilling the corn. Using aluminum foils shall be avoided while grilling the corn.

Calories in Grilled Corn

Grilled corn on the cob shall be served with salt and pepper. This would be simple yet taste delicious. Other common recipes made from this grilled corn are various types of salads. Adding steamed vegetables to this corn enhance its nutritional benefits. As this grilled corn does not contain more calories, it is a very light snack. Adding tomatoes, onions and other spices makes this an exciting crunchy dish.

This corn has got lot of nutritional benefits. As this is free from fat and cholesterol, it helps in reducing the body weight. This contains fiber and carbohydrates that provide energy. They are very simple easy and healthy dish. When they are mixed with other vegetables and spices, they provide more health and calories.