How Many Calories in Red Grapes

Red grapes are a variety of grapes which are slightly red or brownish in colour and are also used to make red wine. Red grapes are known to have medicinal value and are also used to lower down the blood pressure in people with the problem of high blood pressure. These grapes also help against heart attacks. Red grapes can be eaten in the raw form or used in some dishes as well. You can find out about the caloric content of red grapes by reading the following information:

1 serving of red grapes weighs somewhere around 79 grams and contain a total of 53 calories. 4% of these 53 calories are from total carbohydrates.

Calories in Red Grapes

Melissa’s is a company which is known for the variety of fruits and vegetables it sells. This company also sells organic red seedless grapes. ½ cup of such grapes weighs around 85 grams and contain close to 50 calories. Out of these 50 calories, 5% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from the dietary fiber content present in them. There is about 1 gram of protein in these seedless organic red grapes from Melissa’s and also 14 grams of sugar. The good point about these grapes is that they are high on vitamin C content and this is the reason they are given A nutrition grade but the high amount of sugar is a negative point.

Freshdirect is another company which sells seedless red grapes.80 grams of these grapes contain 60 calories and have been given B nutrition grade.5% of these 60 calories come from total fat and 4% of these calories come from saturated fat content. These grapes are very high on the amount of vitamin C present in them and this can be considered a good point but the presence of high sugar makes them a little unhealthy.