How Many Calories in Potato Chips

Potato chips are a snack that is loved by so many people and is enjoyed along with a soft drink or even without it. Potato chips are of many types and are produced or manufactured by a number of brands and companies all around the world. Each potato chip may be different from the other in terms of taste, flavor, composition, ingredients and composition. And thus the calorie content in each of these chips is different. To know more about the same, please refer to the following given part of the article:

Calories in Potato Chips

Lay’s is one company that is famous all across the world for making tasty potato chips. Lay’s alone manufactures many flavors of potato chips but the most loved flavor is the Lay’s Classic.20 chips of this flavor weighing 20 grams contains 147 calories and is tagged at a nutritional grade B-. The content of total fat in these chips makes for 15% of the calories whereas that of saturated fat makes for 5% of the calories. These chips are cholesterol and sugar free and hence are not harmful for the health.

Cape Cod is another company that makes potato chips and one such potato chips made by this company is the 40% reduced fat potato chips.19 chips weighing 28.4 grams of this company contains 130 calories and gets a C- grade from the nutritional value and scale. These chips also do not have any sugar content or any cholesterol content but have 9% total fat and 8% saturated fat in them and hence can be a little fatty for those who are trying to lose weight or remain healthy. The reaming calories are distributed as follows: 5% from sodium, 6% from carbohydrates and 4% from dietary fiber. These chips have 10% vitamin C and 2% iron in them as well.