How Many Calories in Mixed Fruit Yogurt

Mixed fruit yogurt is a delicious food item that is loved and enjoyed by many people. Mixed fruit yogurt is made up of yogurt and mixed fruits. Mixed fruit yogurts can be made up with different fruits and depending upon the fruits used, the calorie content of different mixed fruit yogurts is different. There are many health benefits of mixed fruit yogurt and if you are interested in finding about it then you can go through the following given information:

Calories in Mixed Fruit Yogurt

Many companies manufacture mixed fruit yogurt and one such company is Beech Nut. This yogurt lasts for 7-8 months and 1 serving of this yogurt contains 100 calories. On the scale of nutrition, Beech Nut mixed fruit yogurt has been given B- grade. The good points about this yogurt are that it is very low on the quantity of sodium that it contains and is very high on the vitamin C content. But the fact that it is high on sugar content makes it slightly unhealthy.

Wegmans is another company that produces mixed fruit yogurt. 6 oz of this yogurt contains 80 calories and the nutrition grade given to this yogurt is B. out of these calories, 2% come from cholesterol, 4% come from sodium and 4% come from carbohydrates. This particular mixed fruit yogurt has many health benefits such as the fact that it is high on potassium, low in cholesterol, high in calcium, high in vitamin A, high in vitamin B12 and has got no saturated fat.

Gerber is also a company that produces tasty mixed fruit yogurt. 1 serving of this yogurt has got 90 calories and stands at B- grade on the nutrition scale. This calorie content is made up of 7% total carbohydrates, 2% total fat and 1% sodium. Very high sugar content is the only negative thing about this yogurt.