How Many Calories in Milk Cream

Everybody knows that milk cream can help make a lot of dishes rich in taste and very creamy and thick. But milk cream may contain quite a few calories and these calories might not be such a good idea for those who are trying to lose weight. But since milk cream is a milk product, it is bound to have certain health benefits as well. Different manufacturers make milk cream with different compositions and each is different in terms of calories than the other. If you are someone who likes milk cream and wants to find out more about it, then you can refer to the following part of this article.

Goya Milk Cream is a popular brand of Milk cream and 1 oz (28 gram) of this particular milk cream contains about 104 calories. As far as the nutritional value of this milk cream is concerned, it has been given a C- grade. Some good points associated with Goya Milk cream are very low cholesterol content and low sodium content. But one of the negative points about this milk cream is that the sugar quantity in it is quite high.

Calories in Milk Cream

Pauls white milk full cream is a variety of milk cream which is relished by many and is even creamier than the regular milk cream. 1 serving of 100 grams of this milk cream contains 65 calories of which 12% comes from saturated fat. Since this milk cream contains 15% calcium, it can be considered good for health.

La Cubanita milk cream’s 28 grams which is 1 oz contains 104 calories. This milk cream has been given a C – grade on the nutritional scale and is really high on sugar. Some of the good points about La Cubanita milk cream are that it has low amount of cholesterol and low sodium content as well.