How many Calories in a Ginger Salad

A ginger salad is a famous Japanese salad. Prepared with authentic Japanese ingredients this salad is now being innovated across world. Key ingredients to this ginger salad are, rice wine (sweet), bonito flakes (dried), soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, olive oil carrot and ginger root.

A ginger salad is a rich salad diet and is great to the taste buds. Apart from it being appealing it should be kept in mind that how many calories you can afford. On an average serving basis a ginger salad has 54 calories per 2tbls. IT contains a total fat equal to 3 grams and carbohydrate equivalent to 6 grams per serving of 2 tbls.

Now what is of importance is the calorie content, for a health diet oriented body 2000 calories are good for a day. One must plan the intakes of calories such that it does not exceed 2000 calorie limit. Mostly enjoyed as an appetizer, ginger salad must be taken wisely so that one does not cut on main course of the meal.

Calories in a Ginger Salad

Ginger salad is healthy and low calorie salad. This tasty and healthy treat is enjoyed by every walk of life. Not only this, Ginger salad is being prepared in most Asian and American countries as well. This is a popular dish which is server in many countries with slight variations according to the preferences of the people. But the things to be minded is that a whole dish of ginger salad can cost you 170 calories

When measured on a nutritional scale ginger salad lacks in supplying any quantity of vitamins or minerals. For a fit working life one should understand the importance of intake of high on nutrition food. This keep you healthy and in shape too. On comparison an Asian ginger salad has about 170 calories per serving, Japanese carrot ginger salad dressing has 24 calories and Makoto ginger salad dressing has 40 calories in addition to 16 grams, 1 gram and 4 grams of fat respectively.