How Many Calories in Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot cocoa mix is made from sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder etc and is a delicious item that can be enjoyed with marshmallows and other such products. Hot cocoa mix is especially popular among kids and can be mixed in their milk to taste yummy. The drink is also enjoyed by adults. Hot cocoa mix might be delicious and irresistible but at the same time it has large calorie content as well. If you are someone who wants to find out about the amount of calories in hot cocoa mix, then you might be interested in the following given details and information.

Calories in Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot cocoa mix can be made at home by mixing a few ingredients and it tastes as good as the one found in the market. 1 oz of this hot cocoa mix contains 113 calories. The nutrition grade given to this mix is B and the total fat content in this mix is about 2%. The saturated content is 3%, sodium content is 6%, total carbohydrate content is 8% and the dietary fiber content is 4%. The good point about this hot cocoa mix is that it has no cholesterol but the negative point is that it has large sugar content in it.

Stop & shop is a famous company that is known to produce products like hot cocoa mix etc.  8 oz of the Stop & Shop hot cocoa mix contains about 140 calories and the grade given to it on the nutrition level is B+. There are about 10% carbohydrates in this mix, 9% sodium content, 4% dietary fiber content, 3% saturated fat content and 3% total fat content as well. Low amount of saturated fat is a good point about this hot cocoa mix whereas the very high sugar quantity is the negative point about it.