How Many Calories in Corn Salad

Corns are delicious food items that can be eaten with a number of other food items such as vegetables, breads, salads etc. corns can be eaten cooked or uncooked and are quite popular around the world. Corn salad is one of the most popular form of corn recipe that is not only delicious but has a good nutrition value as well. Are you aware of the number of calories in corn salad? If not and you wish to find this out then you can refer to the following given information:

calories in corn salad

Ryan’s steakhouse corn salad is a really tasty corn salad that has increased the popularity of this restaurant.  1 oz of this salad by Ryan’s steakhouse contains only 30 calories of which 2% comes from total fat, 3% comes from sodium and 1 % comes from carbohydrates.

Wegmans also makes wonderful corn salad and one variant of this corn salad is the Wegmans roasted corn salad. ½ cup or 100 grams of this corn salad contains 140 calories and has been given B- grade as far as the nutritional level is concerned. Out of these 140 calories, 12% come from total fat content, 3% comes from saturated fat quantity, 16% of it is as a result of the sodium level and 8% comes from dietary fiber content. High sodium might prove to be a negative point whereas low amount of saturated fat is a positive point.

Tesco sweet pepper with corn salad comes in the form of a sealed packet and 1 pack contains 103 calories. These calories are as a result of 6% carbohydrate content and 11% dietary fiber content. This particular variant of corn salad from Tesco also contains about 2.7 grams of protein which can be considered as the one positive point about it other than good amount of dietary fiber.