How Many Calories in Grape Salad

Grape salad is a salad which is made by using grapes as the primary ingredients. Grape salad may also have other fruits such as mangoes, melon, strawberries, blueberries, banana etc and hence each grape salad is different from the other. Depending upon the fruits and quantity of fruits used, the caloric content of grape salad differs. Even the nutritional value may differ from one grape salad to another. You can read the following information to know more about the calorie content and nutritional value of grape salad.

Calories in Grape Salad

Tesco is a very famous company which makes delicious grape salad. This salad also contains melon and is termed as ‘melon and grape salad’. 1 serving of this particular salad weighs about 350 grams and contains a total of 35 calories in it. Out of these 35 calories, 2% of the calories are contributed by total carbohydrates. There is also a little bit of protein present in this salad sold by Tesco. As far as the nutritional value is concerned, this salad has been given D+ grade.

Souper Salad is another company which makes yummy grape salad. 1 serving of this grape salad contains a total of 58 calories. Out of the 58 calories, 5% of the calories come from total carbs and 4% of the calories come from dietary fiber content. There is about 29 grams of sugar present in this salad and the protein content in it is about 1 grams.

Tesco is also known to sell fruit salad chunky in grape juice. 1 serving weighing 135 grams of this salad has got a total of 63 calories.  Out of these 63 calories, 5% come from the amount of total carbohydrates that are present in it. There is no protein present in this salad but absence of sodium makes it healthy to eat.