How Many Calories in Fruit Punch

The term ‘Punch’ is derived from Hindi word Paanch which means five. The fruit punch beverage was originally introduced to England during the early 17th century and later it became popular in other parts of the world as well.

This drink originally used 5 ingredients including Alcohol, Water, Lemon, Sugar and Tea or Spices. This beverage is both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A fruit punch is made with fruit juices mixed with water or soda. It is served in a large bowl known as a punch bowl.

Calories in Fruit Punch

Each serving of a cup fruit punch measuring about 248 gms constitutes a total calorie count of 104 and calories from fat is 4. Of which 1% fat, 1% sodium and 9% carbohydrates Calcium 2%, Vitamin C 20% and Iron 3%.  Total fat is 0.4g out of which saturated fat is 0.1g, polyunsaturated fat is 0.1gm, and monosaturated fats are 0.1g. Cholesterol is 0mg, sodium is 12mg. Total Carbohydrates is 25.9g and protein is 0.2g

The plus side of this beverage is that is has low saturated fat content, no cholesterol, very low in sugar and sodium and very high in Vitamin C. The alcoholic punch is predominantly made with a wine or a brandy base. The modern punch now is generally made with a Rum base.

Homemade ones are actually full of nutrients. The non-alcoholic ones are usually given to kids and non-drinking adults and is usually made with juices of different kinds of fruits mixed with water or soda. A sweetener is added in some cases. With the advent of packaged foods across all sectors fruit punches are also made available in bottles by many soft drink manufacturers. But most of these have high sugar content and added preservatives as well as artificial flavors. The actual fruit juice content is just a fraction of it.