How Many Calories in a Tequila Shot

Tequila shots have become must have in the parties and people enjoy them a lot. But little do they know about the number of calories in a tequila shot. Different shots of tequila are made up of various ingredients and contents. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic shots that are available.

1 shot of tequila is approximately 4 gm of the liquid and it has 96 calories. Each time you drink a shot, you gain 288 kilojoule energy. This shot do not contain any carbohydrate and fat. The cholesterol, Potassium and Sodium value is 0 mg in each oz of Tequila shot. This calorie count varies from brand to brand. Tequila is made by fermenting the sap of the blue agave plant and it is all calories and no nutritional value. People also like to have flavored tequila. The Tequila sunrise that is made of Tequila and orange juice has 230 calories in just one shot.

Calories in a Tequila Shot

Like all other alcoholic beverages, tequila is fattening. The main reason behind it is there are only calories in the drink with no vitamins, minerals, proteins, iron or calcium. Though it is not as fattening as beer which has 150 calories, 14 mg Sodium, 12.6 gm carbohydrates and 1% calcium in 356 gm of the drink but tequila does add to the body fat. Although some people consider tequila to be a drink that does not increase weight, but the fact is applicable only when the drink is consumed in limited amount. When taken regularly in large amount, there might be increase in body weight eventually over time.

Tequila shots are usually taken during parties and occasional drinking that keeps the amount restricted thereby not leading to weight gain. Uncontrolled intake of this drink can lead to many more health hazards apart from just body weight gain.