How Many Calories in French fried onions

Like French fried potatoes, French fried onions too are pretty popular because of their taste and crispiness. A lot of people love eating French fried onions and thus there are many different companies and fast food outlets that have started preparing such snack items. French fried onions are prepared in many different ways and this results in difference in the calorie content of each. If you wish to find out more about the amount of calories in French fried onions, then you can go through the following given part of the article:

Meijer’s French fried onions have got a really low calorie content and 2 tablespoons (7g) of these onions have got only 45 calories. Out of these calories, 27 calories come from fat, 1% from sodium and 1% from carbohydrates.

calories in French fried onions

Wegmans Onion pieces which are French fried too are quite popular for their taste low calorie content. 2 tablespoons of these French fried onions contain 45 calories out of which 5% comes from total fat and saturated fat each, and 1% comes from sodium and carbohydrates each.

French fried onions are also produced by a company called Our Family. These fried onions come in a tinned pack and 2 tablespoon of these too contain 45 calories out of which 7 % come from saturated fat, 5% come from total fat, 1% comes from sodium and 1% comes from carbohydrates.

America’s choice French fried onions too have a count of 45 calories for 2 tablespoon which is roughly about 7 g.  Out of these calories, 1% is contributed by carbohydrates, 1% is contributed by sodium and 5% is contributed both by total fats and saturated fats. There is no alcohol or protein content in these French fried onions that are produced by America’s choice. This company has been in existence since the year 1859.