How many calories in Dried Banana Chips

Dried banana chips are the type of chips that have been made by drying the banana slices. These types of chips are quite tasty and are enjoyed by many people. Many different companies manufacture and sell dried banana chips. Depending upon the method of preparation, the number of calories in dried banana chips may vary. Do you know about the health benefits of eating dried banana chips? If not, then please go through the following given information:

Dried Banana Chips

Mellissa’s is a well known and popular brand which manufactures and sells dried banana chips. 1 oz or 28 grams of Mellissa’s dried banana chips contain 150 calories. Out of the 150 calories, 12% of the calories are contributed by total fat, 35% come from saturated fat, 7% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to these dried banana chips is D. Some good points associated with Mellissa’s dried banana chips are that they have no cholesterol and they have absolutely no sodium content as well. The only negative thing about these chips is that they have a lot of saturated fat content in them.

Freshdirect is another company which is known to make dried banana chips which are quite delicious to eat. 1oz of Freshdirect dried banana chips contain 160 calories of which 15% come from total fat, 45% come from saturated fat, 5% come from total carbohydrates and 8% come from dietary fiber. As far as the nutrition scale is concerned, dried banana chips made and sold by Freshdirect are allotted C- grade. These chips have a lot of sugar content in them and this can be considered as a negative point about them. Another thing that makes these chips unhealthy to eat is the fact that they have a large amount of saturated fat.