How Many Calories in Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are fruits which have been dried off. There are many fruits which can be dried and consumed and there are many different health benefits of eating dried fruits as well. Infact dried fruits are treated as a snack items these days. If you are interested in knowing about the calorie content of dried fruits or want to know about the uses of such fruits, then the following given information will be very useful for you:

Calories in Dried Fruit

Amport foods is a company which is known to manufacture dried fruits. One such fruit that this company sells is dried cherries. ¼ cup or 40 grams of dried cherries sold by Amport foods contain 140 calories of which 40% come from dietary fiber and 11% come from the total carbohydrate content. The nutrition grade given to dried cherries manufactured by Amport foods is A-. Some of the good points associated with these dried cherries are that the dietary fiber content in them is very high whereas the sodium content is quite low. The high amount of vitamin A is another good point related to Amport foods dried cherries. The only negative point about these cherries is that there is a lot of sugar present in them.

Melissa’s is a very famous company which sells many fruit related items and is also known to manufacture tasty dried fruits. One dried fruit sold by this company is dried cranberries.3 oz of dried cranberries manufactured by Mellissa’s contain 270 calories out of which 22% come from the total carbohydrates.  The nutrition grade given to these cranberries is C-. The good points about Mellissa’s dried cranberries are that they have no saturated fat content, they have no cholesterol content and the sodium content in them is also absent. The very high amount of sugar in these dried cranberries is the only negative point about them.