How Many Calories in Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is one of the healthiest juices and has got a lot of health benefits and advantages. Cucumber is really good for the health and hence cucumber juice proves to be very popular for the health conscious people. Packaged cucumber juice is being manufactured and sold by a lot of companies and fresh cucumber juice can be made at home as well. If you wish to know about the content of calories in cucumber juice and its various variations then you can go through the information that has been provided in the following given points

Calories in Cucumber Juice

It Tastes RAAW is a company that makes several fruit juices and is very popular for making yummy cucumber pineapple juice as well. 1 serving of this particular juice contains about 120 calories of which 9% is provided by carbohydrates, 4% comes from dietary fiber and 20% is due to the presence of vitamin C. some of the good points about It Tastes RAAW cucumber pineapple juice are that it very low amount of sodium present in it and there is a lot of vitamin C content. But one of the negative points associated with this juice is that it has a lot of sugar present in it.

Aura cucumber juice is also pretty famous as well as good to taste.1 serving of this juice contains 45 calories and out of this calorie amount, 4% comes from total carbohydrates. There are many benefits of drinking this juice such as no cholesterol, no saturated fat, low amount of sodium present, high very quantity of vitamin B12 and very high quantity of vitamin C as well. The only negative part about Aura cucumber juice is that it has a lot of sugar present in it which might not be that healthy for people trying to avoid it.