How Many Calories in Radish Sprouts

You must have heard your mother asking you to eat a lot of sprouts because they are so good for health. The same is true for radish sprouts that are very good for health and have a high nutrition value as well. Radish sprouts can be made even more delicious by adding salt and other herbs. Do you know about the calorie content of radish sprouts or their health benefits etc? If not then the following given part of this article will prove to be very useful for you:

Calories in Radish Sprouts

Springwater sprouts is a company that is known to manufacture and sell different kinds of sprouts. Springwater Sprouts also makes radish sprouts that are pretty yummy. 1oz of these sprouts only contain as many as 9 calories. These sprouts have been given A- grade in terms of their nutrition value. There are many reasons why these sprouts have been given a good nutrition grade. These reasons are low amount of sodium, high amount of calcium, high amount of iron, high amount of vitamin A and very high amount of vitamin C.

Sprouted radish seeds too are pretty common and can be eaten raw  1 cup of these seeds contain 16 calories of which 1% comes from total fat and 1% comes from saturated fat. The health benefits of these seeds are unlimited but a few of them are no cholesterol content, very low amount of sodium, no sugar content, high amount of calcium, high amount of iron, high content of magnesium, very high niacin quantity, high in riboflavin, high content of thiamin, large amount of vitamin A, high amount of vitamin B6, very high amount of vitamin C and large amount of pantothenic acid as well. Due to all these positive qualities, sprouted radish seeds have been given A grade on the nutrition scale.