How Many Calories in Corn Puffs

Corn puffs are everybody’s favourite breakfast cereal. These little delights can be eaten at anytime time of the day but are generally preferred in the morning time by many. Corn puffs are manufactured by many companies and are also available in many different variants and flavors. Each of these variants have different amount of calories and also different nutritional value and health benefits. If you like to eat corn puffs and want to know about the calorie content, then you can go through the following given part of the article:

Trader’s Joe is a very famous brand that manufactures corn puffs and many different varieties of corn puffs. Trader’s Joe sweetened corn puffs are quite tasty and 1 cup (30.8 g) of these puffs have got 115 calories.  The carbohydrate content in these sweetened corn puffs is about 9% whereas the sodium content is about 6%. About 10.9g of sugar is present in them which make the sugar quantity pretty high.

calories in Corn Puffs

Kroger is another company that makes corn puff poppers with extreme butter.2 ½ cups of these corn puffs poppers contain about 160 calories and a nutritional grade of C- has been given to these. Out of these 160 calories, 17% comes from total fat, 7% comes from saturated fat, sodium contributes 11%, 5% comes from total carbohydrates and 8% from dietary fiber. Since these corn puffs have no sugar and no cholesterol, they can be considered quite healthy to eat.

Martin’s Ditto Corn puffs are also enjoyed by many and the serving size of 1 oz contains about 130 calories. Out of these calories, 7% come from total fat, 8% come from sodium, 7% come from carbohydrates and 4% from dietary fiber. These corn puffs are pretty high on the sugar count and have been given a nutritional grade D+.