How Many Calories in Corn Chips

Corn chips are a famous variety of chips and are really tasty as well. Corn chips are often associated with tortilla chips and are generally eaten along with a dip. Many companies have started manufacturing corn chips and depending upon the method of preparation, the calorie content of different corn chips may vary. Do you know how corn chips can be good or bad to your health? If not and you wish to find out, then please refer to the following given information about corn chips.

1 oz of corn chips contain about 147 calories out of which 12% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 7% come from sodium, 6% come from total carbohydrates and 6% come from the dietary fiber content. C+ is the nutrition grade which has been given to corn chips and the good points associated with them are that they have no cholesterol content and are also very low on the quantity of sugar present in them.

Calories in Corn Chips

Fritos is a very well known and widely popular chips producing company which makes delicious corn chips. 32 corn chips made by Fritos weigh around 27.1 grams and contain 160 calories. Out of these 160 calories, 15% come from the total fat content, 7% come from the saturated fat content, 7% come from the sodium content, 5% come from the total carbohydrate quantity and 4% is also contributed by dietary fiber content. On the scale of nutrition Fritos corn chips have been given D+ grade. Since there is no cholesterol in these chips and they also have no sugar, they can be considered pretty healthy to eat.

Old Dutch original corn chips are also pretty famous.1 serving of these chips contain 240 calories out of which 17% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 10% come from sodium, 11% come from total carbohydrates and 12% come from dietary fiber.