How Many Calories in Corn Cakes

Corn cake is a baked product that has been made up of corns and is in the form of a cake. Corn cakes are wonderful snack items that can be eaten anytime of the day and are relished by a lot of people. Corn cakes are manufactured and sold by many different companies and are even available at pastry shops, bakeries and other such places. Corn cakes can be even prepared at home. The number of calories present in corn cakes depends upon the exact method of its preparation. You can go through the following given part of this article if you wish to know more about corn cakes:

Lima is a company that makes very rich and delicious corn cakes.  1 serving of Lima corn cake contains about 397 calories. 28% carbohydrates and 6% total fats make up for these calories.

Calories in Corn Cakes

Kallo is also a company that prepares corn cakes which are yummy in taste.1 cake which weighs around 5 grams contains 17 calories only and 1% of this calorie content comes from total carbohydrates while 2% comes from dietary fiber.

El Torito is a company that manufactures corn cake mix. 1/8 package which is equivalent to 26.3 grams contains 100 calories and on the nutrition scale, this cake has been given a D grade. This calorie content is divided into 1% total fat, 5% sodium ad 7% total carbohydrates. The good points about El Torito are that they have absolutely no saturated fat content and is also absent of cholesterol content. The only one thing which is a negative point about El Torito corn cake mix is that it has a lot of sugar in it. The high amount of sugar can be an unhealthy thing for those who are trying to avoid gaining weight and trying to be fit.