How Many Calories in Watermelon Seeds

Who doesn’t love to eat watermelon? One of the vital parts of a watermelon is watermelon seeds. Have you ever wondered what was the important of watermelon seeds or if they were edible? The answer to this question is yes. Watermelon seeds are actually good for the health if consumed in a proper way. Do you know about the number of calories which are present in watermelon seeds? If not and you are interested to find out other things also about watermelon seeds, then please refer to the following given part of this article:

Calories in Watermelon Seeds

1 oz of dried watermelon seeds contains 158 calories. These 158 calories are composed of 21% total fat, 14% saturated fat, 1% sodium and 1% total carbohydrates. The nutrition grade given to these dried watermelon seeds is C+ and they have several positive points associated with them. Some of these positive points are that they have no cholesterol, have very low sodium content, they have absolutely no sugar content, have very high manganese content, there’s a lot of phosphorus in them and high content of zinc is present in these watermelon seeds as well.

Watermelons unlimited are a famous company that produces many watermelon products and meals. Watermelon seeds is one such item manufactured by this company. 1 serving of these seeds contain 80 calories.  As far as the nutrition value of these watermelon seeds is concerned, they have been tagged at a B nutrition grade. These seeds come in a sealed package and are dried beforehand. Out of the 80 calories, 7% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber as well. There is a lot of vitamin C in these seeds and vitamin A also is present in a 30% ratio. Having no sodium is another positive point about Watermelon unlimited watermelon seeds.