How Many Calories in Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are one of the richest sources of energy and are also quite tasty. Mixed nuts contain many types of nuts such as cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts etc. The number of calories in mixed nuts depends upon the exact types of nuts that are present in the mixture. Mixed nuts have several health benefits associated with them and should be consumed by everyone. If you wish to find out more information about mixed nuts, then you can refer to the following given part of the article:

Mixed nuts without peanuts which have salt added to them are a good mixed nut mixture.1 oz of mixed nuts contain 174 calories and have been tagged at a B- nutrition grade. The 174 calories which are present in mixed nuts are composed of 24% total fat, 6% dietary fiber, 4% sodium, 2% carbohydrates and 13% saturated fats. The good points about mixed nuts without peanuts and with salt are no cholesterol, low sodium content, low sugar content and very high selenium content.

Calories in Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts can also be consumed with peanuts and with salt added.1 oz of such a mixed nuts mixture contains 168 calories out of which 10% is contributed by dietary fiber, 2% is contributed by total carbohydrates, 8% comes from sodium, 10% comes from saturated fats and 22% is contributed by total fats. The good points about these mixed nuts is that they have no cholesterol content, have low sugar content and has a lot of manganese.

Wal-mart is a company that manufactures mixed nuts.  1 serving of this mixture contains 170 calories. The nutrition grade given to this mixture is C and the calorie content is composed of 23% total fat, 10% saturated fat, 8% dietary fiber and 4% sodium. The good point about this mixture is that it has low amount of sugar.