How Many Calories in Collard Greens

Collard greens are the plants that grow in cool regions of Europe and Asia. They are very much similar to the cabbage leaves and they have a very high nutritional value. These plants are very short that grows only up to four feet tall. These greens are very attractive and smooth. The leaves are dark green ion color and are arranged in a rosette shape closely like a bunch. Many of the South American dishes are served with these greens as side dishes.

A hundred grams of collard greens contain 30 calories. As these are leaves they contain large amount of fiber content. They are rich in vitamins. These collard greens contain 80% of Vitamin A and 60% of Vitamin C. A little amount of calcium is also found in these greens. This is very low calorie dish and hence suits all kinds of diets. Any recipe prepared with this green would be healthy as well as fat free. Hence dishes with high fat content shall be combined with this to get a balance in diet.

Calories in Collard Greens

The cooking methods greatly influence the nutritional value of these greens. Fresh collards are very low in calories as well as they are fat free. When cooked, their calories increase. Adding oil and other substances change its value. Cooking under steam might reduce some of the essential nutrients in these greens. Hence it would be better to add them freshly in all the salads and other recipes.

The complete requirement of Vitamin A for a whole day shall be provided by a half cup of collard green. These greens help in reducing the LDL cholesterol level in our blood. As they are rich in fiber, they control body weight. They contain anti- oxidants that give protection against diseases like colon cancer. The digestion is regularized and constipation is prevented. Collard greens are the foods with high benefits and low calories.